I started my first company in my native Hungary in 2000 where I learned the importance of marketing, sales,  organization, and garnered many of the basics I still utilize today.  However I wanted to learn more, do more, create more, and I decided to make the jump to America, where I have continued to blossom. From fashion shows, to photo shoots, I continue to grow, develop, & share my unique viewpoint.

Adrienn Braun Bridal is my passion project to share my fashion philosophy.  Over the years I’ve developed the three D’s, direction, design, & details, which allow me to create the best style for your inner diva.  My goal is to ensure every client has a distinctive experience from our first interaction to your final walk down the aisle.

Our image of ourselves is very personal and through your adventure with me, I want every woman to see the best version of herself, strong, beautiful, & fierce.

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